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The Providence community is a Tallahassee neighborhood and was the second community to participate in the City’s Community Renaissance Program. It was originally called Bloxham Heights in honor of one of Florida’s Governors William D. Bloxham.   Providence is approximately 125 acres in size with approximately 890 dwelling units and a population of 1,423. The neighborhood is located off Lake Bradford Road and is bounded by the CSX Railroad lines on the north, Hutchinson Avenue and FSU’s Alumni Village on the south, Iamonia Street on the west and Lake Bradford Road on the east. The neighborhood lies within an earshot from Florida State University, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, FAMU/FSU School of Engineering, FSU’s Alumni Village and Innovation Park.

The population of the neighborhood is predominately black with African American comprising of 87%. The residents are relatively young. Approximately 59% of the residents are children and young adults under the age of 24. College students account for 33% of the neighborhood’s population. Thirty-five percent (35%) of the neighborhood households are families and 66% of the families with children are single parent households. The median family and household incomes for the neighborhood are $10,971 and $14,280; respectfully well below the median and family incomes for the City of Tallahassee, $23,453 and $34,764, respectively.

By making a generous contribution today, you are supporting the Delta Kappa Omega Foundation in its efforts to assist the youth of our community and provide scholarships to deserving students. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies on individual contributions to continue this work. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Please mail donations to:

Post Office Box 6117

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Questions may be directed to:

Dr. Darice E. Richard, President

(850) 597-7911  or


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1908 Highland Street

Tallahassee, FL 32310


Other Ways to Give: There are a variety of innovative ways to support the Foundation that offer benefits to your own financial well-being, or may increase the impact of your gift.

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